Gettysburg Bash linked to organized crime, part 1

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I have been trying to link in my head, exactly what in the world The Gettysburg bash operation has been doing. With constant name changes, location changes and sweet whispers of another up and coming bash. The rumor mill, has been running rampant.


In 2019,we wrote some article type stuff, in specific regards to Pam and Steven K Barry. We saw alleged miss funding of there own events since 2017.The Barry’s have had quite the reputation for online threats, vicious social attacks and attacking without cause, anyone who has questioned there events and the said handling of there money through collected donations. Here are just A few posts as of recent.


With so many participants, it has been difficult to pin down exactly who is doing what. The plan seems simple enough, get as much money and or funds as they can under any circumstance. Either…

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Zak Bagans bought fake ebay story from fake psychic Anthony Quinata promoted false info on show and now Quinata is providing false info to autistic 10 year old and mother of

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It’s so uncomfortable when something tries to hold you back from telling the truth. But in the end, when some things need to be heard, then it’s the time to say what’s real. And this brings us to this story. I will simply call it. A crying travesty

Psychic Anthony Quinata, is the devil in the paranormal field. There is no easy answer, as to how can one man can, get by with conning an entire family, let alone even movie and show TV producers. Yes, including apparently the ever infamous Zak Bagans


Perhaps people such as the infamous Zak Bagans and many others, who have given Anthony Quinata ammunition to play his psychic con game has been A contributing cause as to how he has done so. The very fact, that Zak had Anthony on his show and fed into the theory Anthony’s doll (Harold)was so haunted and possessed…

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Facebook Restricts Free speech And Sends Out Harsh Punishments To Millions Of Facebook Users. Still Allows Isis To Behead People And Show It On Their Sites.

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Facebook this morning asked me, “what was on your mind”,so I wanted to let them know,since I had awaken to a message from Facebook on my wall  asking:”What is on your mind”?

First of all this article is paranormal related,because in the past six months,we have seen more Paranormal minded friends blocked,then ever before.We voice our own opinions and someone don’t like it and we get blocked.

Facebook Restricts Free speech And Sends Out Harsh Punishments To Millions Of Facebook Users. Still Allows Isis To Behead People And Show It On Their Sites.It never stops to amaze me how one very powerful billion dollar enterprise,can over shadow and manipulate others and get by with it.

There seems to be a clear indication of a lot of what could be wrong with the socially challenged Facebook websites and their admin policies and rules.A person posts some article,picture or maybe a meme…

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I may be terminally ill,but there is still fire in my Chilli

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Some one once told me,never give up,never surrender to some one else and their demands. Stay strong in your beliefs and never explain yourself to any one.

– Vincent Van Gogh”Whoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.”

– Vince Lombardi”“The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength not a lack of knowledge but rather a lack of will.”


I think,even though sometimes their may be a lot of drama involved with my social media pages,you should understand exactly why.

I might get some criticism for what I will be saying next,but to be honest, it is the truth.

Every one knows why I write articles on folks,who actually scam folks right?In hopes of protecting those individuals,who may not be aware of some really serious frauds inside the para world.You would think that would be…

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