Virginia Man Believes Daughter’s Nightmares Hold Clue to Wife’s Fatal Accident

According to A.B.C news sources a northern Verginia man believes his daughers dreams may  hold some kind of clues to  his wifes death.

Craig Tyler’s wife, Natali Castellanos-Tyler, died Feb. 21 after she “lost control” of her 2002 Ford Explorer and “struck a tree,” the Chesterfield County Police said in a news release at the time. Her daughter, who was 2 at the time and in the car, survived and was transported to a hospital with “minor injuries,” police added.

While a police spokeswoman told ABC News today the crash investigator believes icy roads and weather were factors in the “single-vehicle” accident, the Mosely, Virginia, man now suspects foul play after listening to his 3-year-old’s nightmares, he told ABC News today. In and A.B.C news reel, they spoke to the husband whom had stated that his daughter now feared a white van and saw several in her dreams.


One of the community Facebook posters, Subasree Thompson, 42, told ABC News today she was sideswiped by a white van March 30 in the same neighborhood, but she didn’t file an official police report. I had just picked up my three-year-old daughter from preschool, and I was coming through Otterdale Road when I saw a white truck going fast in the opposite direction,” Thompson said. “It swerved at the very last minute, hit my lane and cracked my minivan’s mirror.”


Tyler’s wife left behind three kids, two of which are Tyler’s and one living with her former husband, he said.There has been a GoFund me account set up to help. There has been a GoFund me account set up to help the grief stricken family.

This article leads me to wonder how we interpret our own dreams and are there hidden messages from the other side?

When a loved one dies it can feel as though they’ve been ripped from our lives forever. The truth is, the people we are close to are always with us. The spirit lives on; and sometimes they even try to get messages across to us. They may want to let us know they’re okay because they see how upset we are about losing them. They want to make sure we’re taken care of or will move on or they may have died suddenly and be having a hard time letting go of their life. They may just even have unsettled business and need to tell or let a loved one know what may have happened, there is no stronger bond then a mom and her daughter or son and it is my belief that it is clearly plausible for a mom that has passed to still want to be around or near their loved one and if something happened trajic.

I believe many times through out the years we have seen many cases where dreams from within have had a savere impact on a certain situation, such as a murder that someone may have had, then a family member maybe trying to solve the puzzle through dreams through a loved one. What I saw in this article  was interesting  and I felt the child was focused on a White van and says she also saw a White van in her dreams. That child might be sent messages through her subconscious and perhaps someone needs to try to reach out to the child to help her situation.

Our prayers and hopes that things will get better for this family.

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Evan jensen

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