Man Allegedly Behind 20-Year Psychic Fraud Scheme Extradited from Spain to United States.

Canadian man accused psychic, also accused of running psychic mail fraud scheme has been extradited from Spain to the U.S. before making his first appearance in federal court on last Tuesday. Runner has been charged with 18 counts of mail and wire fraud, conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. It is said he has allegedly scammed more than 1 million Americans over 20 years.

According to prosecutors, Runner’s alleged scheme involved sending millions of US citizens, many of whom were vulnerable, elderly or sick, letters purporting to be from two well-known French psychics, including Maria Duval.

Patrice Runner, 54, appeared at a Central Islip, New York court one day after being handed over to U.S. authorities, according to a news release from the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. In October 2018, Runner had been indicted on charges of mail and wire fraud, conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering over an alleged scam based on letters from supposed psychics, taking in around $180 million from more than 1 million U.S. victims over 20 years.

“The Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Branch is committed to investigating and prosecuting transnational criminal schemes that target elderly and vulnerable Americans,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Bossert Clark of the Justice Department’s Civil Division said in a statement.

Man Allegedly Behind 20-Year Psychic Fraud Scheme Extradited to U.S. (

Paranormal Herald, after we did some searching, this is what we found of Runner.

Patrice Runner | Facebook

When the entire Deval ordeal went down we had stated there was a man involved and we think he may be it.

Paranormal Lookout House owners actively engaged in court removal of property squatters Pam and Steven Barry of The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange…

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According to several posts, both from the property house owners, The Lookout House in P.A and on social media the infamous queen and king of said deception is being sued in court or perhaps a better word for it, is being evicted from as they said being property squatters. We have written many times over those two now infamous duels. This one takes the paranormal Round Cake. let’s say with Christmas coming: Fruit Cake.

It apparently looks after the lookout house closed on September 30 due to Covid-19 restrictions, two people stayed on and hunkered down. Just days ago it had been seen by many and by the property owners of the historic lookout house, that they have some squatters. Pam and Steven Barry had stated prior during events, they were the owners of the Lookout house, but according to the actual owners, they had never been. That is most…

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BATON ROUGE driver arrested after crashing into psychics business. Psychic states she knew something was weird.

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I suppose the old pun “she didn’t see it coming” could hold a little more truth. You would think that if one is an alleged psychic, that person would know if some driver is about to destroy her business right? well not in this case, as WBRZ reports. According to WBRZ news, both the psychic and her grandson were ok.

Full story here.

BATON ROUGE – An uneventful day wasn’t in the cards for a longtime fortune-telling business near I-10 after it ended up with a vehicle through its front wall.

A truck crashed through the front of The Psychic Room Monday afternoon, which is located at the intersection of College Drive and Corporate.

From Corporate Boulevard, the driver, 42-year-old Derek Lacombe, crossed College Drive and did not stop until colliding with the building. Lacombe was later arrested on DWI and reckless operation charges.

Authorities say no one was…

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Should pedophiles be given the firing squad India case sets new precedent over social medias lack of concerns. Also see the Daniel Rumanos story! #Pedophile In The Paranormal.

It is one of the best cases where the punishment’s might fit the crime, as we have all been told their does not seem to be a cure, perhaps this one time the cure was death.

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If any person had ever thought that stiff penalties for pedophiles had not been granted and that social medias lack of caring seemed to be that all surreal realities facing our children on social media and that were not being taken seriously. Perhaps a recent case from India, where one man was charged with abusing at least 300 kids from 9 to 17 will. It sets a new precedent on what in many peoples opinions should be done to these types of serial attackers.



French Pedophile Accused Of Molesting 300 Kids Faces Death By Firing Squad In Indonesia

A French man is facing execution by firing squad in Indonesia after he was accused of molesting and beating over 300 children.(TMU) – A French man is facing execution by firing squad in Indonesia after he was accused of molesting and beating over 300 children. The suspect…

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