Zak Bagans goes public on Daniel Rumanos, whom is an alleged pedophile for defamation of his own character.

Paranormal Herald World News Today

OIP (2)I remember the day like it was yesterday when one man Zak Bagans whom had posted that he has had to hire a las Vegas lawyer to combat what I would call and online sex predator my words not his. The all to familiar name popped up, this being Daniel Rumanos, also not his true or real name, but a definite said alias. An alias that M.R Ron Mershon, has used to get inside a community, that being the entertainment paranormal community.

What is different from then? is how we can and are making changes today, help support the petition and make children that much more safer.

83369770_1081533825530681_1290817850621034496_n Ron Mershon, aka Daniel Rumanos aka David Roman aka Catrine McKenzie.

Many people over the past few years themselves have had run-ins with the infamous self proclaimed magician. In 1994 according to insider information M.R Rumanos had been charged with making either…

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