Please do not have anything to do with Evan Jensen, he writes about bad people in the paranormal world. He is bad for business.

Paranormal Herald World News Today


Over the past 15 months I have seen reports from people telling others to stay way clear of myself. At first I found that hurtful, than after viewing there statements and seeing whom some of these low life’s truly are. It than made perfect sense.

It is as if we have a secret. M.R Jensen knows it, we must stay clear of him, or we will be exposed. So let’s tell people to stay away from him, that he is bad for business.

Keep in mind. It can be awkward if you are hanging out with someone, and they start bad mouthing some of your mutual friends. You know the old saying, “If someone gossips to you, they will gossip about you.”

From corrupt leaders to successful bullies and criminals (and even terrorists), why does it always seem that the bad guys come out on top? I can tell you…

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