Gettysburg Bash linked to organized crime, part 1

Paranormal Herald World News Today

I have been trying to link in my head, exactly what in the world The Gettysburg bash operation has been doing. With constant name changes, location changes and sweet whispers of another up and coming bash. The rumor mill, has been running rampant.


In 2019,we wrote some article type stuff, in specific regards to Pam and Steven K Barry. We saw alleged miss funding of there own events since 2017.The Barry’s have had quite the reputation for online threats, vicious social attacks and attacking without cause, anyone who has questioned there events and the said handling of there money through collected donations. Here are just A few posts as of recent.


With so many participants, it has been difficult to pin down exactly who is doing what. The plan seems simple enough, get as much money and or funds as they can under any circumstance. Either…

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