founder of Paranologies under more scrutiny. As more details evolve, so does his verbal lashing and child like behavior.

Paranormal Herald World News Today

Some of the things I have seen folks do when they are written about. Ok hold on, let us simply say exposed, are always play book. You just know what is coming, as the day progresses. With this being said, one man comes to mind. Jeromy, from Paranologies.

I won’t make threats and or threaten legal action, but I most definitely will write about these types of people and of course the awful things, they seem to always do and get away with.

The original article written on 06/11/2019 outlined some problems with the Paranologies company and there merchandise. After making some small inquiries, we were dealt with utter disrespect and eventual threats by what had appeared to be this Jeromy.

After digging for details and people actually coming forward, we realized, there may be a serious issue with either the product or both the product and or shipping details…

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