Zak Bagans bought fake ebay story from fake psychic Anthony Quinata promoted false info on show and now Quinata is providing false info to autistic 10 year old and mother of

Paranormal Herald World News Today

It’s so uncomfortable when something tries to hold you back from telling the truth. But in the end, when some things need to be heard, then it’s the time to say what’s real. And this brings us to this story. I will simply call it. A crying travesty

Psychic Anthony Quinata, is the devil in the paranormal field. There is no easy answer, as to how can one man can, get by with conning an entire family, let alone even movie and show TV producers. Yes, including apparently the ever infamous Zak Bagans


Perhaps people such as the infamous Zak Bagans and many others, who have given Anthony Quinata ammunition to play his psychic con game has been A contributing cause as to how he has done so. The very fact, that Zak had Anthony on his show and fed into the theory Anthony’s doll (Harold)was so haunted and possessed…

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