Paranormal amphitheater of misguided souls,what’s really wrong with some paranormal people.

Paranormal Herald World News Today


In every walk of life,we see people,who share responsibly their paranormal experiences.We see this every day,but we also see so much undisputed on line fighting their is, that people get tired of all the said fighting,bickering and drama.If backstabbing was a paranormal phenomena? their would sure be a lot more of it.

With on line social media these days and truly nobody to police it, many aspects of personal attacks outright social media assaults have been seen running rampant.There is virtually no way to stop it other then not be on social media,so it does seem if your being targeted, their is little or no hope to stop it other then fight back.

The Paranormal Herald has been a target of this social abuse,mostly generated by those,who have committed some type of social injustice or alleged fraud.

Let’s get to the title: Paranormal amphitheater of misguides souls.The below topic is…

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