Someone shit, in Ryan buel’s X-mas cup?

This may be the funnest, but the single most gross thing, I shall ever write about.It seams that The once ever so popular ex-paranormal State star had a little more then his pride hurt?

Ryan Daniel Buel,say’s on his page,that two women shit in the mans cup?Strangest damned post I have ever seen, or not had the pleasure to read,as they most likely may say.

Is their something we were all missing? did his most recent event go off ok, we doubt it had a thing to do with his refugee status lol?

I have no ideas why two women might shit in a mans cup, but it may just show the true caliber of his friends and guests as of recent.

The following screenshot,was sent to the paper for a chuckle and it certainly achieved this purpose.


<a target=”_blank” href=””><img border=”0″ alt=” Registered &amp; Protected
PCUI-HHEI-OZ75-8TEK” title=” Registered &amp; Protected
PCUI-HHEI-OZ75-8TEK” width=”150″ height=”40″ src=”; /></a>

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