APPLY NOW,casting call for African American ghost hunters only.

Paranormal Herald World News Today

NOW CASTING: African-American people who have dealings with the paranormal and supernatural!Do you communicate with the dead?Do you conjure spirits?Mediums, Hunters, Trackers, Investigators,Parapsychologists and Extreme Skeptics WANTED

The themed concept, is to find a show no one has done before? So the producers came up with and idea to do and all African American ghost show.

The Paranormal herald read the information for the said application. they asked questions about someones sexuality, that seemed a little odd,why would they care?

The application process wants to know if your homosexual, bisexual, single married, more information then what the law does allow one to ask.

this is the link you can see for yourself the particular questions being asked, they ask questions such as have you ever taken nude pictures of your self?

They ask do you have any brothers or sisters?What is your living situation like now?Do you have any children?

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