Beyond The Edge Of Reality say’s, stop presenting so many faked and photo shopped pictures for evidence.

In the beginning their is a quest for knowledge, then after a while that quest becomes a quest for attention.How many times has someone in the past 6 months, witnessed a paranormal group, presenting some former picture, that is already clearly been identified as fake and fraudulent ? yes folks, it is becoming a fast reality on social media these days.

As a paranormal investigator, I have learned that many people find the entire issue of the paranormal fascinating and, at times, even “spooky fun”. Unfortunately, some people take this a little too far and enjoy seeing if they can trick investigators like myself by hoaxing a photo. While I like to have fun as much as the next person and appreciate that such efforts helps keep my deductive powers sharp, they are also extremely harmful to the entire paranormal community and hurt serious study of the subject (especially when a clever hoax achieves national attention.

Remember the picture of “The Ring Girl”, that surfaced and many claimed to of seen this ghost?

This is the picture from the ring girl on a photo app taken to present falsified evidence, seen by many folks on the internet.

This is the picture from the ring girl on a photo app taken to present falsified evidence, seen by many folks on the internet.

Here is what I  have seen as a simple mistake, it is the lack of educational training, that some of these ghost researchers have not obtained. Not everyone happens to be and expert photographer, although one might want to continue their education to meet their goals more objectively.

The reality is everyone wants to be a Ghost Hunter, adventurer,Cryptid researcher,how ever they may not want, or may not be willing to really learn what that may actually mean. In the service I used to call these folks weekend warriors.\

When it comes to the paranormal world, for every “real” picture of a ghost, there are probably thousands of fakes. I’d personally like that ratio to be reversed, but that’s just the way it is. These days, a good ghost photo can actually make it pretty far on the Internet before someone proves that it’s a fake.

Not all fakes are created equal though — some are much more convincing than others. To prove this theory I recently wrote and article and the article has over 8,000 views and still climbing.let’s see how far it does go, before someone has the decency to call it out?

A personal friend asked me just today, a valid, decent question.He asked me if I thought these faked and already exposed pictures were just folks making mistakes, or if I had thought they were being just plain deceptive? I told him, some folks are just not aware of the ghost applications on cell phones and on the internet, that folks can download. Social media news, travels very fast.

In the paranormal field, their are many different types of friends. some folks claim to be psychics, others paranormal experts.Truth is, their are no true experts in the field today.There are different ways to tell if a picture is fake or has been photo shopped, although that can be tricky and difficult.

The paranormal Herald hopes to share pictures without scrutiny,but will also help clarify any thought or already proven to be faked ghost pictures.

Paranormal Herald


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