Woman frightened after she finds evil entity in her Facebook selfie

great article.


Alyssa found an unexpected guest in a photo that she took of herself recently. She sent the image to the paranormal website Ghost Study to be analyzed.

“I took a picture of my new bird tattoos to show my cousin. About a week later I went looking through my photos and noticed something in the background of this one. I showed friends and family and they see a rotting face behind my shoulder, coming from within my closet. Nothing was in my closet as I was in the process of moving at the time. I named it Sally,” Alyssa said to Jim Eaton of Ghost Study.

Some folks believe that the appearance of the ominous figure might be caused by visual paredolia due to objects in the background or it could been edited in from a cell phone application. Other people think that it might actually be a negative spirit…

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