The Truth behind The Pig!

Just so folks know my blogs are my blogs. I recently took down all blogs because of some controversy. I was even thinking of leaving blog city, but then realized there was no way I was going to allow that to happen.

Just recently a move was made to dump those folks who should not be on my friends list and quite sure you folks know whom they are? if not I will mention such people I have no worries or issues with that at all.

There is been a lot of back stabbing, crazy drama shit going around in the so called para world, so much that it destroys the field from within. You have crazy people on disability running around with nothing better to do, then to cause some sort of fuss for  attention. There are fame seekers out there, that will do anything they can to get their names in the tabloids appear on reality T.V shows. Yes even make damned fools of them selves, such as was the case with Leslie Shelton on the Judge Judi show. like that judge said Leslie you have credibility issues and that pig is not your pig plain and simple it is a  record there of some truths for sure. What steamed me the most was when the judge discussed the fact that Leslie Shelton had used threats, called police, told them the defendant that she would have him arrested and so forth I guarantee this was accurate as soon as I make this particular blog Leslie is going to come on my blog and make a lot of noise.

It's just not your pig leslie.

It’s just not your pig leslie.

The video, where Leslie speaks with Judge Judi,when this was going on I knew right then if it went bad, Leslie would look ridiculous to the entire para world and to anyone watching the said show.

judge told the defendant he should have blocked Leslie from contact and the judge then sated Leslie is on notice it goes to how she attacks folks and the judge did make note of it it is what it is and the judge told this woman straight.

Leslie Sheltons pig was not hers l says judge Judi goes to Leslie’s own credibility here and now the entire para world will see she is well she is !
just says something was crossed out making it look as if Leslie did this?
judge Judi went on to say that Leslie had nothing to add and went to direct cross with the man Leslie was suing lol. silenced Leslie and began commenting to the gentleman.
The look on Leslie’s face was priceless in fact.
were the said contracts altered/ judge speaks to Leslie Shelton and is very stern at this point.
judge says its not your pig Leslie  well now e had possible changed contracts and was blacked out and judge says Leslie you have a credibility problem i rest my case folks who you wanna believe Leslie or a million dollar paid judge lol?

its just not her pig but her credibility, that was the said actual issues at hand. says judge judi.

its just not her pig but her credibility, that was the said actual issues at hand. says judge judi.…/x2amk6t_judge-judy-potbellied-…

What this blog is about is how one woman goes from nice to  nutty in seconds kind of like gone in 60 seconds? the movie.

There is no question I was a friend of Leslie  until I had a falling out with my former radio host, then she started attacking me on all sides, working to try to discredit me using every trick she may have learned from her sister that con named Christina George, they say maybe the apple does not fall far from that apple tree. I don’t know Now Leslie seems to think she has some out reaching dirt on me well, there is nothing other then something two idiots dreamed up and what a plan it is to. They are trying to say I said I was A Navy Seal, even though the entire para world knows that my former co-host stated it was her. In fact Darlene Watts even made the damned banner and placed it out there I bitched at Darlene for weeks about doing such a thing truth is i will not sit back and allow them to ruin my own reputation out there.. the Mistake I may have made was not dismissing miss Watts right away, when she did that.

The picture Darlene Watts made of me to try to convince folks I had done something  wrong” truth is I have not done anything to anyone. And I am coming forward right now to set this motion to dismissal period. you can fool some folks some of the time, but not all the folks all the time, this is what my daddy used to always tell me. I do remember my mom saying If you can count your friends on one had your`doing well.

Truth is I have came against the best such as Ryan Buell, and many many others and I will stand fast and hold my ground. why is it they want to take down myself in any fashion they can, because they are seeking fame and so forth. these folks have no orals, they attacked my friends as well anyone that supports or likes what i do. it’s their ways of retaliating against me. The problem is they can not stop my reach it is way to long and my friends have known me for years simple isn’t it?



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Evan Jensen


  1. BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY · May 22, 2015

    One more thing for anyone reading my blogs we do thank you there.


    • BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY · May 23, 2015

      I have been told by several people that Leslie Shelton is posting to my freinds or friends we must have in common negative things about me using what she calls screenshots, how ever you may want to just ignore them as she is someone that needs some medication clearly. After we saw the judge Judith show even that judge stated Leslie had severe credibility issues i rest my case here period.
      Leslie Shelton, Darlene Watts Dawn Gomez, I here by place you on notice and Iam calling you out 3 simple questions need to be cleared up.
      #1 to Leslie Shelton:Question” I will prove you making up faked allegations toward me. by showing my brain tumor issues this will make you look truly bad Leslie. It’s public record dumb ass
      #2 Dawn Gomez, please explain how you took a year to repay someone from Carol Malone and your events?
      #3 Leslie Shelton:question, why did the judge say you had credibility issues?


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