Some say I am infamous

In every day life and all realities, as we deal with so many people online, we can never always please everyone. My  daddy always said if you can count the friends you have on one hand your doing well. There should be no race to the finish line and I suggest picking your friends wisely.

I never joined this rat race of what has become the paranormal line and online community of said thieves, scammers, and frauds to become famous at all. The truth to the matter is when you help folks you are placing your selves into jeopardy and the fears of being scrutinized. There are folks willing to knock someone down for their own self centered gains. sometimes you should all ask yourselves, who are the actual scammers in the field?Are they the ones selling ghost apps, or the ones holding ghost events?

The truth about Evan Jensen. I started my shows from producing a show on the F.M airways, then took the show to the “World Wide Webb. The shows ran for 7 years with out very many hitches. We became a house hold name, we are very thankful for that.  The shows where we interviewed more then 400 people and went live more then 422                                    times.However fame does come with a price. Everyone wants to kick the big dog if they can.

We met some very nice folks along the way with our radio journey, but like all good things sometimes the  good things do come to and end . With my continued health problems and the paranormal field falling a part, my efforts have gone apparently unnoticed by some, or have they?

I feel the paranormal field is do for a real change, you have scammers and frauds acting out like they are fraud ex posers, you have folks with no credibility protecting said scammers and frauds. if anyone asked me, it is  a real mess when you can not tell the frauds from the others. They all want a real piece of the said action, but if they were being persecuted they would all run for the hills.

Fraud exposing gets you no fame, in fact you will be labeled a bully, trouble maker, fame seeker. I have heard it all.your name goes viral and people begin to talk as you all well know,stories change from one person to the next and pretty soon folks start to believe what ever they do hear, rather right or wrong. It is a cost of trying to stand up for a cause. It is nearly the same thing as being black listed in a bowling alley. you get strikes with out even doing a single damned thing. individuals who are friends of friends play a major part inside becoming your foe. If one person is upset with you because you spoke your mind about something or someone else, they will act out cause you trouble if they can, attack your pages, make unjustified and untruthful statements against you, just  to shut you down, destroy your image, what ever that may be.

Here is the thing as a general rule. We  have always followed,was to never do paranormal events ok you got me I did one with the Ghost Mine guys in Oregon city was a nice event, but after that we had said no more events, because we won’t know who is doing what. So many of them have failed and you can see definitely by the most recent Carol Malones Darkside Entertainments event “The Haunting In Tombstone”

Some folks felt I should  not have done the tombstone interview in the newspaper and accused me of hogging the spot    light? this was my story period.


The story breaks down why I felt so hard to try to change the paranormal field, because I loved it, how ever I am simply just one man..

I say this to the haters keep on hating brothers, because I am not going to change what I believe  in and someday folks will wake the hell up and realize there are good folks willing to help now.


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