Carol Malone booted from S’t Albans event.

Breaking news: Carol Malones event she was having with the S’t Albans is been cancelled by the directer them selves, after certain folks spoke to them, they wanted no part of Mis Malone.We all know the recent mess Mis Malone made in Tombstone was a bad thing, but then to continue to try to do yet another event. really?

Marcelle Hanauer is the directer of the S’t Albans sanitorium. She went on today to publicly comment that Mis Carol Malone had been caught selling tickets through Ticket leap and that all ticket sells were to be generated by them not Carol L Malone. in a screenshot we saw her public post.The post went on to say that the event Carol was to be involved in was supposed to be in August of 2015.

Marcelle went on to state that in no way will S’t Albans be associated with Darkside Entertainment A.K.A. london knight. they also went on to say they pride themselves with integrity and being honest. that the August event was cancelled and that there will be and event may the 30th 2015.

Marcelle is also advising anyone and everyone who has purchased tickets through Darkside Entertainment or london knight or Carol Malone to make sure they get there money back,  as tickets were not authorized to be sold through Carol Malone what so ever.

The screenshot follows as below

.11212275_10206619190187993_1687663893_n  Connie speaks to the marshals office. John Albrechts Paranormal Examiner article

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