Carol Malones real interview !

We wondered what was true and what was gossup, so we asked several people, including some V.I.P ticket  holders about the recent tombstone event that was being ran by Carol Malone

One guests was a permanent resident at a local venue, as we went live, we began asking him if he knew of the infamous Carol l Malone, he said he was even to frightened to speak of her.

even the ghost didn't want to speak on camera about mis Malone.

even the ghost didn’t want to speak on camera about mis Malone.

After further interviewing the ghost, we learned that at least one person got their money back from the tombstone event, but many asking for their money have not. It seams when folks ask their money back or to be refunded Carol will do the opposite, kick folks out of the said event, banned them from entering, even threaten to have them arrested, this is not a surprise says the ghost,as since like Friday night there has been several problems arising from the actual said event. Folks not going where they supposed to, folks not knowing where to go, and folks darned right hungry as well and not being promised what they were to get inside the V.I.P package itself.

After speaking even more with the said ghost, he stated that there was no doubt Mis Malone, was awaking the dead.

After repeatedly speaking with other ghosts there, we found out Mis Malone was cited on multiple accounts of fraud or theft of services from a few venue holders. The marshals office was significant in making sure Mis Malone was cited before leaving town, disgraced, disgruntled and feeling beaten like a wet stick. What is ironic is how karma came to bite one of the worst people ever or will ever be known inside the para field.

I thought the most karma biting message to Carol Malone was when after she was cited,she ended up walking to the airport, because no one would give her a ride to the airport, what a damned disgrace indeed.

Cherry G Vangalder I dont think she ruined it for reliable and proven ghost hunters but this will for sure leave a sour taste in the towns businesses for a long time to come but with that being said so many of the special guests and business owners stepped up to the plate and tried to salvage and make up for some of the losses by special exceptions allowing people into places thats not normally allowed…carol malone sure brought a black cloud over this event but so many joined together and still had a great time and we thank you all

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Evan Jensen


  1. spiritualwalks · May 3, 2015

    your blogs are very well done Evan.


  2. spiritualwalks · May 8, 2015

    Start using some glasses then! I think all of us appreciate being informed. Thanks for all your time and effort put into it.


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