Carol Malone cited for theft in Tombstone Arizona

Wink LewisThought I could offer an update on Carol Malone, shes is now in the Cochise County Lockup according to our Tombstone Town Marshall, end quote.

Evan Jensen Wink Lewis Thought I could offer an update on Carol Malone, shes is now in the Cochise County Lockup according to our Tombstone Town Sandy Marshall

if folks are  wanting to know what exactly Carol Malones charges are there is a phone number for the booking office or marshals office and I suggest calling them to confirm or verify what it is we are reporting people.Tombstone Marshall office #: 520)457-2244 if you wish to speak with anyone official.

Apparently Mis Malone was trying to get a ride to the airport to maybe escape like a thief into the night,but what happened there?

In another blog, it goes on to say.

Writer of this other blog.


Carol Malone Bombs in Tombstone

Fresh on the heels of last year’s Ryan Buell scandal, the paranormal community has been hit with another fiasco. Carol Malone, aka London Knight, has been promoting “A Haunting in Tombstone” for over six months. The 3-day event included paranormal investigations at some of the most active locations in Tombstone, Arizona. The initial talent listing was top-notch. VIP ticket holders would receive hotel accommodations at either The Larian Motel or the Tombstone Bordello, daily hot breakfast, dinner, entry into a Meet and Greet, and access to lots of old buildings. The event could have been outstanding. Unfortunately, the event was doomed from the start.

Rumors swirled after Malone’s Gadsden Hotel visit. Allegations volleyed across the Internet mostly via Facebook. Malone’s “A Haunting at Sloss” earlier this year did so-so with less than 10 people attending. Then there was all the stalker/court case/slander drama that consumed nearly every posting. Honestly, I was exhausted reading it all.

I purchased a VIP ticket back in October. Warning signs appeared shortly thereafter. I grew concerned that Tombstone wasn’t going to happen. I cancelled because I’m still recovering from last year’s battle with breast cancer and unsure if a cross-country trip would hinder my progress. Surprisingly, Malone did refund my money. However, many, many more people may not be so lucky.

Malone arrived in Tombstone Thursday ready to prove the critics wrong. She was unable to satisfy and make good on the event schedule. She failed to address the lack of paid rooms, abbreviated talent roster, and general low morale from a lot of attendees. People seemed lost, posting questions as to where they should go. This could have been avoided had Malone cancelled the event before people arrived.

Malone’s people continued to post the event was happening. They went so far as to slander anyone who said otherwise. Sadly, Malone could not cancel for she probably didn’t have the money to reimburse ticket purchasers. So her show had to go on.

Malone threatened one attendee that she would be arrested if she set foot in Tombstone. Connie Williams-Williams had already felt Malone’s wrath earlier in the week and was threatened with imprisonment by the Marshalls. Connie held a VIP ticket and was entitled to attend all of the events. Malone tried to have her removed from a venue, claiming she wasn’t invited.

Seems Connie salvaged some of the event. She worked with talent and set up gallery readings. She hosted other talent who were “guaranteed” accommodations only to arrive to none. By mid-day Saturday Connie had appeared on two radio shows: The Chat Room with Tony Wolf Paw ( and Archer Paranormal Radio ( discussing the event meltdown. By then things were deteriorating. Shortly after the Archer show, Malone cancelled the event page on Facebook and started unfriending her detractors.

The show ended Saturday evening when Malone was cited for theft of services and released. No fingerprints. No mug shot. Just a court date in two weeks.

Some good did come from this fiasco. Connie has teamed up with some other credible paranormal enthusiasts and formed ASAP Entertainment, LLC, Their mission: [T]o provide quality events with awesome talent and to host some of the best and most memorable events ever! ASAP Entertainment, LLC is dedicated to bringing you the very best in talent management and promotions.

Support those passionate about the paranormal community and have a proven track record. This tight knit community must stand up against those trying to exploit us. We aren’t suckers and we hate to be conned.


Former friend,Anthony Wolf Paw  voiced his opinions.has also came forward against Carol Malone


Evan jensen

Evan jensen “Beyond The Edge Of Reality”

this is a link where folks are beginning to answer to the said allegations, that have been brought forward from deep inside the Tombstone event itself


We will always remember the names Carol Malone,London Knight, Darkside Entertainment, paranormal Association Of Cold Cases, she wanted to seek fame and fortune ,but instead sought to be infamous instead.

The show ended Saturday evening when Malone was alledged to have been  cited for theft of services and released. No fingerprints. No mug shot. Just a court date in two weeks.\

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Evan Jensen

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