A warm thank you to TrailRiders Inn.

One comment thanking me for the things I did to help people in what is no doubt one of the biggest scams known at one event.

Lisa Shackelford

Yes, Evan Jensen, you did warn us. And you were attacked by many and Carol Malone lead the witchhunt. I am sorry for all of the horrible comments she is made about you and all of the terrible things she has accused you of. We all know how gifted she is, and I use the word gifted as a joke basically, on presenting fake legal documents and fake legal claims. She is a scam artist who will not take responsibility for her own actions. So she had to look for a scapegoat and tell everyone that you were stalking her and called around to cancel her hotel rooms. Also, her other claims about you are unfounded. You deserve quite a few apologies! You were right all along!

Lauren Williams https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=784790439&fref=ts

My love to you Evan, I never once believed any of the things she said about you. I just wish I’d have listened to all persons that told me about her, oxox

Lauren Williams wrote”

Lauren Williams I don’t know Chris, but never in 12 yrs has this happened to me.. But all my guests were lovely people and all my guests also insisted on paying for rooms so I’ve not lost anything. I’m a Brit on a E2 business Visa and if I was a citizen when I went banging her door at the budget yesterday I swear I would have punched her lights out, I need to be a good girl as I would not get my visa renewed next week in London..

Lauren Williams

I own the Trailriders inn tombstone AZ. My motel does not have bed bugs and all my guests were more than happy with there rooms. I DID NOT ask any of my guests to pay up. Carol Malone owes me $615 I told guests it was between me and Carol as they had paid her. One of my guests has just left and insisted that he paid the amount that was owed on his room and he will try and get reimbursed for the event. I have just spoken to Cochise sheriffs dept. and I now have the case # which I’m giving you all.T15-0646 Carol Malone called my guests telling them they had to move out yesterday and go to the Budget Host only one guy checked out on carol’s orders. his name was Wally, I was at Budget when he left. She originally booked all 18 rooms and 2 weeks ago I called her to confirm and she said she only needed 8 rooms. I wonder when she was going to tell me. She also insisted to Deputy Marshall that she only booked my guests in for 1 night which I have the proof was another lie. I am so sorry all the people on this event were scammed by this evil bitch. I’m willing to answer any questions once again so sorry

In a post from Haunted Entertainment Dawn writes”

You did good my friend. Even when everyone was against you , you kept your head up and kept going. Thank you for everything you did for me and everyone else that got caught up with that fraud .


With the warm thanks of folks for my assistance in what seemed such a bad event and so forth, we also need to remember to please send our warmest and sincere thanks to the venue owners such as lauren from Trailriders inn. It was and important part she played in bringing news while the entire event imploded before us, she never lost faith in me, trusted me from the very beginning and I thank her for her honesty and human kindness. Lauren treated folks with the utmost respect and showed that human kindness we do not always see inside the para world.

The history of the Tombstone venues and places is amazing and I hope we can all go and visit these people, i am looking forward to meeting them all in person here soon. It is very important to remember the places individually as a place to travel to with their warm welcomes and human kindness the history precedes the reputations of the towns people.

As I spoke yesterday with folks , they expressed some concern that their tiny town would be tainted with filth, because of Carol Malone. I assured Lauren, that their town is now on the charts for many enthusiasts, vacationers and friends around the country and even thanked them for everything they did at the event.

you can find mis Williams on Facebook or her business sites as well.https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=784790439&fref=ts

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Evan Jensen

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