Connie speaks to the marshals office in Tombstone, Carol Malone sinking fast.

First 0ff right away I need to thank Connie Williams, john Albrecht from the Examiner and at least and 9 others for sharing information on the Tombstone event

In and  update from Connie Williams, she speaks of three so called rangers that were Carols body guards protecting carol, so most folks can not get a chance to speak to her, we would like to hope it was for security reasons. Connie spoke as well as john Albrecht of these three that were stuck as close to Carol Malone as they could be, they went on to say they were older like in there late 60’s and most likely retired.

Carol Malone was telling folks, including Connie Williams she could not attend the Tombstone event, so Connie after arriving in the Tombstone area and town dropped by the marshals office, to have a word with them she spoke with the marshals office and said even though there are three rangers there or what ever they can not arrest you or keep you from coming to this event.

The marshals office was well aware of the situation inside the Tombstone event itself, they very obviously were notified from the event and venues Carol Malone screwed over and the constant scandals that surrounds the Darkside Entertainment event.

HERE WE GO—–>TOMBSTONE UPDATE: After arriving in Tombstone last night I took the liberty to call the Marshall’s and speak to them about this event….they informed me that I had every right to be here and they were aware of Carol Malone and her “so-called ” event, they were also aware of the numerous scams and complaints surrounding the event. So I dropped off 2 friends of mine that had VIP tickets and I also brought John Albrecht Jr., reporter for the Examiner in for the weekend to cover the event. He was dropped of too. I told them I would meet them at the Four Dueces Saloon after the Birdcage and Haunted Hotel investigation. As I approached the Four Dueces Saloon low and behold there sits CAROL MALONE on the front porch with her volunteer retired female ranger all dressed up in so “saloon whore” outfit with a feather in her hair….lmao….she spots me and whips around and says to the Ranger, that’s HER! I quickly put her ass in check and told her, ” Don’t say a damn word to me Carol Malone” and I proceeded to go into the bar. Carol got up and left….
So after the investigations were over a few people started coming in the Saloon and the band was still playing. CAROL shows back up and tells the Ranger that she rented the bar for a private party for ticket holders and that I would have to leave! I guickly informed her that I was a ticket holder and was NOT going anywhere! She stomped off…lol…so approximately 10-12 people showed up and they reopened the bar and started selling drinks again, I opened a tap for everyone EXCEPT Carol…..then the band says it’s time for them to say goodnight. …I hired them on the spot to keep playing…Carol, meanwhile, is sitting at the bar talking to John and figures out who he is and gets pissed and leaves! We had a great time last night and CAROL did not! The guest that had VIP TICKETS did not get the promised breakfast or dinner either!
As of now, Selena Roane has been kicked out of the event for associating with me and for standing up to Carol for her threatening to kick her cousin, Debbie, out of the event too. Debbie stood up to Carol because Carol said she would have to pay for her own hotel room…Debbie has a VIP TICKET! In addition, she and one other guest had to pay for their admission into the Birdcage to investigate! THIS WAS ALSO SUPPOSED TO BE INCLUDED IN THE VIP TICKET PURCHASERS! !
I have also hired two of Carol Malone ‘ s physic mediums to do a gallery reading for everyone at my hotel this evening because they have not been given a location by CAROL MALONE as promised!
Stay tune because I will have a lot more to say this evening as I will be broadcasting LIVE on blog talk radio with two different shows! Announcement of time and the host’s that are having me on their shows will be posted this afternoon. BOTH host’s have been victim’s of Carol’s scams themselves!

A comment that is so true  by Charli Rose Nichols.Character is absolutely involved & seen in the manner someone deals w having to make roster/event adjustments due to lack of funds but what it 1st boils down to is lack of business sense. It takes money to make money. You have to go in w capital & a plan for failure but hope & pray for success. The smart entrepreneur never begins a venture w out considering how to cover costs or deal w issues as they arise.

Comments from a V.I.P ticket holder “Connie Williams”

CAROL MALONE…..BE ADVISED, I am in Tombstone and have spoken to Marshall Ivan Bernal in regards to your threats of having me arrested by your 3 Rangers and in regards to my presence in this town. FYI: PER Marshall Bernal I have every right to be here and can go into any public place that I care to be a patron. In addition, I have been informed that your Rangers are volunteers and have no authority to arrest ANYONE….they must call a Marshall in order to make an arrest! So good luck with that lie your telling everyone.

— at Tombstone Historic District.

As reports have filtered in from the Tombstone event itself, we wanted to extend our sincere thanks to Salena Roane for coming forward and publicly addressing the issues inside the Tombstone event. I was notified that Carol Malone kicked Salena out of the  event, because she confronted Carol Malone. Apparently Mis Malones own actions and unearthly practices are catching up to her, as she has burned so many people.
As reports come in from both john and many others we will be relaying the insider news as we get it so stay tuned people.
Evan jensen

Evan jensen “Beyond The Edge Of Reality”

All in all people I rest my case with this  woman they call Carol Malone proof is in the pudding folks. I have  taken a beating publicly and ask anyone that ever had anything negative to say about me keep in mind I and many were right from the very beginning here.

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Evan Jensen


  1. catnipsmile · June 5, 2015

    Carol Malone needs some serious mental help. I’ve read her comments about most of you on her FB page. She’s threatened to hunt down & take down people! Bad grammar & horrible spelling too, shows signs of several mental illnesses. Scarey part is she has ‘FB friends’ that support her way of thinking. Best of luck to all of you she’s hurt. Keep her face out there & all her aka’s circulating too.


    • BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY · June 5, 2015

      thank you catnipsmile for your response and yes, we will definitely take her name and continue to warn the paranormal public, she needs exposed not just someone complaining about her, but and entire town. and then there is all the stuff about her said book all lies.


      • catnipsmile · June 5, 2015

        I hope all of you hurt by her can recover all around. I’ve been scammed & financially never recovered. So, all I do is help a little with those like me. I’m not scared of her either! Take care & God Bless.

        Liked by 1 person

      • BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY · June 5, 2015

        God bless and take care, aim sure we will be in touch as well.

        Liked by 1 person

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