Dark Side Entertainment not seeing the light.

Dark side Entertainment not seeing the light.

It is April 28th 2015, mark this date for the calendar as it may play out to be a date and time where folks will tune to history to see one of the biggest shams known in the para world.

It was merely the beginning of the week and all hell broke lose with that pain in the ass woman Carol L Malone, A.K.A London Knight, A.K.A.Darkside Entertainment.We wished it all could go away and she be forever forgotten, that does not seam to be the case.

The paranormal event The Haunting at Tombstone is supposed to go off on (May first) 05/01/2015, how ever it has been plagued by problems deception, fraudulent ticket sells, guests backing out last minuet and also along the general course of the original promotion of the event itself.


As I saw there were  several serious implications why the said event might not work, we attempted to warn folks, that being her guests, ticket holders and such, but it was a slipperly slided slope, we were either shut down, threatend or just plain ignored by many of the supposed guests and entertainment  that Malone had hired.

I did see that Mis Malone had made accusations I had something to do with her cancelling her events, truth is I could not do this, I never worked, would work or will ever work with a damned thief like Mis Malone ever.In order to cancel any sort of venue  I would have to have Carols credit card numbers and so forth as she had to of paid by credit card.

Maybe your now wondering what is being said and what the hell is going on with Darkside Entertainment?

This statement is taken from Darlene Watts blog itself but has no intentions of copy right usage as follows”So you are probably wondering, what is going on.  I can’t say that I really know, but, I can see what is being said at least to some degree by others.  Carol Malone recently called a friend of mine and complained about someone calling her venues for her event pretending to be her and canceling them all and she went so far as to say it was a woman and that she had to spend all day to fix it.  She repeated this on her event page, asking people to call her.  The person she believed behind it?  Evan Jensen, a well known pain in the ass, sometimes called stalker who likes to be a fraud exposer, but, isn’t above lying to get a point out there to the public.  But, did he do this?  I’d have to conclude, NO!  Why you ask?

Carol Malone blaming me for cancelling her events?


Although I didn’t appreciate the comments about llying , I did agree with the initial statement of how Carol Malone is trying to lie to the public about cancelling her own events because she is flat ass broke. On one such event mis Malone used her husbands credit card to pay for the venue, we do not or care how else she paid for the bookings. just that the venues and bookings are and issue for sure.

Let me explain:  If someone was to cancel venues, they would have to have a credit card number to get any money back from reservations and would usually need some confirmation number or ID that matched their records.  After all, where would they send the refund of any money paid?
Who would the lady be?  His wife who has a heavy accent and certainly a dead give away for not being Carol?  There was speculation it was a woman who was a former ticket holder that was ripped off by Buell and then felt ripped off by Carol.  Would she do this?  Again, she would have had to have some personal information and confirmation numbers to do this.  http://hauntedishpeming.blogspot.com/2015/04/darkside-entertainment-and-carol-malone.html?m=1
Carol  Cancels reservations because she says she is flat broke?

perhaps Darlene Watts is right here she  goes on in her blog to sort of break down what carol did to folks and as far as carols making false and fraudulent allegations”

Carol Malone has lied before claiming arrest warrants where there were none and putting out fake criminal reports on Evan.  She claimed before that Evan, with whom she thought were his closest friends, (and they weren’t) stole money before when money was due for the deposit to hold the venues for the event this past January, as she had a deadline.  Is it any surprise she would do this again?  Mind you, the money she claimed to have been stolen, she tried to take Evan and Dan McWhinney to court claiming they stole from her and she LOST both cases and they were dismissed.  She also claimed that a friend and victim advocate for Evan threatened her on the phone, changed her story last minute to say she threatened bodily harm on her by threatening on throwing a Molotov cocktail which, she had no proof of and the case was dismissed.  I also want to reiterate here that Evan or Dan had no connection to getting money for tickets and had no access to it and Evan was not involved in any business with any events once so ever.  The main fact she tried to blame him is so blatantly crazy it’s  not funny.  She also claimed that Evan stopped her ticket sales.  I’d have to say, NO, he didn’t.  If anything stopped sales was her own behavior out in the world and people seeing what she was doing.  You can’t go out in the world threatening to have people jailed in their own hometowns because you know judges and law enforcement on trumped up charges and just get away with that.  She did this in a very public display as well and most people would realize the error of doing so while trying to run any type of business.  (On a side note, she did even threaten me this way and even claimed to have an arrest warrant on me.  Apparently I’m not allowed to voice my objection to what she does in my blogs.  Or so she thinks… LOL)
I(Evan jensen) have been speaking to Carol Malones talent, the ones the very ones she is not responding back to one such person is Santiago Cirilo from “The Walking Dead” I asked the man if he knew what was going on inside Carols Tombstone event? his response was this.Quoted:.”Yeah, I found out on my Birthday things were falling. I have a contract on this event. My agent is trying to find out what is going on. I got my flight but not sure its legit. My agent is working on getting all the information on it. He is not getting any calls back. I hope this all is not a fraud, because there will be law suits
We at “Beyond The Edge Of Reality are  very interested in finding out more in regards to Cirilo as we learn more information, we will share so the rest of the para world understands what is actually happening there.
With all the media hype and said reports of folks wanting their money back, we hoped this event will go off as planned, how ever considering all the said issues, lies and said untruths to this story, we wonder how it could possibly work out? What Carol has promised folks is if they buy their hotel rooms she will pay them back? hold on a minuet the actual said tickets were supposed  to be included in the package deal, so say what?
Carol Malone spoke to a long time friend of mine, she has a way of obtaining free buddy passes on airlines, Carol Malone has asked her several times for a free air line ticket, what is shocking is this woman already bought a V.I.P. package from Malone and has asked for her money back, the woman stated no way in hell am I gonna send that women a free airline pass to attend her own damned event.
The womans name is being protected as we all know the actual threats that will come from Mis Malone, we have all seen her do it from claims of being inside anonymous to claims she will set you on fire and light the match, serious threats against people so my sources are being protected here.
This following comment irritates me, how does some one place a blame on one when they have never worked, never did any sorts of real business with said individual. In this screenshot she (Carol) once again blames me for her ticket sells more fabrications indeed to help herself scam even more folks people?

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Evan Jensen

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