We told you Carol Malone would foul up the Tombstone event.

I was away most the day yesterday, but when I got home I saw that two screen shots were in my inbox, of course they were from the evil dirt bag named Carol L Malone, she is now trying to once again blame me for her tombstone event gone bad? really how does she expect anyone now to believe that, we happen to know she sold plenty of tickets and kept peoples money

This is the first screenshot of Carol Malone placing some crazy ass blame on myself and I have had nothing to do with her ticket sells or events, why does she not just face up to the truth everyone has called her bluff finally, her scams are well documented now?


what a crock of crap, we said her events were amess and that someone was going to get cheated, we even told this to hundreds who wanted to know.

what a crock of crap, we said her events were a mess and that someone was going to get cheated, we even told this to hundreds who wanted to know.

Another screenshot of Carol Malone trying desperately to place the blame on any one for her fouled up event on the Tombstone event for the may 1st event. It looks like she is all over her page and actually trying to blame me, gosh that is awsome as when she filed her fraudulent court case against me it was dismissed with prejudice, and also a case she filed against Dan Mehinney was also dismissed. And one more case a criminal case of hurassment mis Malone filed was also dismissed in Verginia.The problem I have now is the money that she (Carol) had gotten from Tombstone ticket sells, she used to file fraudulent lawsuits against folks.


It almost seems to be that Carol is trying everything she can to back away from the Tombstone event. If the events are booked, paid for and the venues set, what is her issues then? Why is she fabricating some wierd stories that i have some friend posing as her, no one I know would ever want to try to be like that sanay stripper/ whore yah I said that, her own damned book speaks about how she conned folks and so forth. It is called The Stiletto Diaries.

This was posted by me on about”

Today 03/05/2015 News: firestorm Radio,presents a tale of a fallen fraud! this story is about a woman named Carol L Malone, A.K.A London Knight. for the record I expose frauds. Carol L Malone has been accepting ticket sells through PayPal, Ticket leap, Event Brite, and using others also to book tickets using their links and so forth, the issues at hand are #1 the event was not booked in Tombstone after spending a major part of this day speaking to what seems like several kind folks there, they have explained that money was do sometime ago from Carol L Malone or as she referred to london knight, several of the places her event is to be held has already backed out and cancelled her appearances, because Mis Malone has re-nigged on paying the money due to the event personal including the hotels. One such post came from Kevin Betzer of deep south paranormal that posted come get your tickets there are merely three left, the issues i have is can someone legally sell tickets to places they can’t book or the venue has cancelled for lack of payment? the following places will tell anyone that calls the venues are either cancelled or not paid for one hotel waiting to see in the next few weeks to see if money will be paid, also there are a number of folks now speaking to the towns people and locals there at Tombstone to address the tombstone booking issues. For those wondering minds please call the venues for yourself, so you have your direct evidence into what sure seems paranormal fraud by either Darkside Entertainment or London Knight, the truth is out there and people if you don’t want to believe me, then call these people I speek for the majority of all people either scammed, cheated or stolen from. the Occidental 1-520-457-2247 the Bordell 1-520-457-2394 the landmark 1-5200-457-2223 and the Larian 1-520-457-2272
The Bordello was finally booked but the larian was not.
We will be making follow up calls to see what has happened as of recent, as the prior screenshots Carols events have somehow fallen by the way side, she even says so in her own screenshots we will be investigating much more later today the 27th of April.

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Evan Jensen


  1. Jacky Marie Elwood · April 27, 2015

    Go get them M.R Jensen, expose Carol Malone and anyone else associated with pond scum

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  2. Jacky Marie Elwood · April 27, 2015

    We all love you Evan Jensen.

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  3. BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY · April 28, 2015

    thanks so much

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