Rck Hayes your not out of the spotlight yet buddy! or you Salena!

Evan jensen

Evan Jensen “Beyond The Edge Of Reality”

In repeated attempts to speak with M.R Rick Hayes I got nothing in responses back, now he is crying foul against carol l Malone for contract disputes, well well isn’t that just perfect. the entire time i spoke publicly about these entertainment guest, they crucified me for speaking against there beloved guests. Now they want to cry foul grab me some Cleanex please, because the shit is getting pretty darned deep.

People have slammed me for getting on these para entertainment guests that were supporting carol Amlone now that they will lose their money from speaking engagements they want sympathy? no way in hell will i ever feel sorry for them, they were warned and I put my ass on the line to protect them and they thanked me by supporting this “Darkside Entertawnment event planner this may be difficult to swallow by the same folks that now have seemingly been burned by Mis Malone but (I) Evan Jensen told you, now suffer morons for not listening to someone trying to help you. Rick Hayes own screenshot here complaining like he is a victim he is not a victim of anything other then stupidity.

Does not seem to damned psychic? https://www.facebook.com/RickHayesLifesGift


Now that Rick hayes is not most likely being paid he decides to back out of carols event he supported her this entire time even when warned what a dirt bag he is for supporting  in the first placeii warned these people they would get burned now they complain really?

Now that Rick Hayes is not most likely being paid he decides to back out of Carols event he supported her this entire time even when warned what a dirt bag he is for supporting in the first place we  warned these people they would get burned now they complain really?

How many and exactly whom else has backed out, because for the ones just now backing out after they were all warned  about the entire event have some shame on their own face a big fat egg, if you all asked me.


Salena is also upset with Mis Carol l Malone and apparently will be backing away now to? Mis Salena also got what was coming it is called the karma bitch because when the karma comes back full scale they say it is a bitch.

Salena was messaged and messaged in close regards to Carol L Malones events, but no matter what she kept on supporting Carol even did a lot of work for her as well, in the end karma came and now she is also angry, well simple really, do not invite karma because she likes to stay a while there.

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So lets speak of the other entertainment folks have they to backed out, What about Kevin Betzer from Deep   South paranormal.I (Evan Jensen) spoke with them in regards to this particular event, his main statements were it is a paid check and that was the most troubling issues I had most of these folks only cared if they got paid, if they don’t get that money, they sing like a French Whore.



Another  supposed guest M..R Blaine https://www.facebook.com/ghostmafiablaine?fref=ts

We also d from the very first day messaged Blaine and tried to let him know what was going on inside Darkside events, but was shut down from even getting a post to him, he didn’t want to hear it, now we wonder was he to burned and if so oh well we did try to let him know. sometimes errogance and stupidity follow the same drama team.


I also messaged Santiago, of the “Waking Dead”.to see if he backed out of her events, but have not heard a thing as of yet?

“Hey there was wondering if you backed away from the tombstone vent as many many folks demanding their money back and also some or most of her guests have now backed out?


Beyond The Edge of reality will be making more blogs and posts in regards to the total disaster, that mis Malone has created indeed.

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Evan Jensen

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