Carol Malone, Looks like a huge implosion will be hitting, folks demanding their money back now.

Once again we see a once not so famous para person, planner, booker, event organiser lose her credibility based on her own screenshots to, that is epic within itself. For months we sat by quietly and watched one of the biggest messes ever known unfold and now it has in my opinion. I have seen enough and I truely know some folks owed me a big time apology for their actions against me for what they said, did and so forth. The truth hurts and if your bad i’ll find it indeed.

Completed break down of what Carol Malone from “Darkside  Entertainment” has done”

At first the hotels were the bordello and the Larian. The bordello backed out due to new ownership. Well, that was a smart move on their part. Then, the trail rider lodge was added along with another hotel and I forgot it’s name. She never paid the deposits on those rooms booked. She is now putting the talent in a Budget inn. The girl I am speaking to told me that she had it out with Carol via Facebook messaging and Carol told her that she was broke and that she couldn’t pay for the hotel rooms. Basically she is taking  all of their  money and spent it on herself in other ways. She  (carol)has  not paid some of the talents and they have backed out. She refuses to post what talent is definitely going to be there.
In a recent inbox message I(Evan Jensen)was once again sad, as I saw this with Ryan Daniel Buel a man with no empathy at all did a similar stent, where sick boy was not able to attend the event he made because Ryan the liar didn’t show up and it was never ever booked either now we do see some of this from Carol Malone as well. two women who are ill decided to buy tickets under the VIP ticket purchase, but have since asked for their money back. Instead their requests go unnoticed  by Mis Malone.
 In this blog we will also see one of the biggest frauds ever known this Christina George trying to help Carol Malone scam more money from folks ask Christina George what is she doing? what is her take what percentage of ticket sells does she
get for aiding and helping Carol  Malone?

The stolen statues Carol and Chrsitina George had something to do with.

We all remembered how chrsitina george and carol Malone were in together on scamming ahunted statues from their client the Clarks, now we see that Christina George is working with Carol malone to scam money perhaps out of folks from the Tombstone events.

We all remembered how Chrsitina George and Carol Malone were in together on scamming Haunted statues from their client the Clarks, now we see that Christina George is working with Carol Malone to scam money perhaps out of folks from the Tombstone events.



 This is  the header that  I made so folks know exactly whom to associate with the recent Tombstone events and that yes when it does go south and apparently already has you can message Chrisitina George and also Carol Malone for your refunds people. I sincerely hope that folks will com[lain to the attorney generals office in Verginia about Mis Malone i am sure the D.A there would also like and update on said events she posted about and now has some issues with.
 Paranormal fraudsters.
 A recent complaint from a women stated this”Lisa Shackelford Two nights stay in a hotel with free breakfast was included with the VIP ticket holders price. Those people are now being contacted and told that they now, at the last minute, will have to book and pay for their own hotel rooms. They will be reimbursed after the event. Oh yeah right. By the way, It is tourist season at this location. What hotel rooms are available to book?
This is a great point from a v.i.p. ticket holder, as in the selling and agreements of said ticket sells Carol Malone stated what the ticket holders would get, if the tickets were sold under the ideas and said promotions of said sells and they do not get what is offered from the origional agreements, this constitutes fraud if the said money is not returned to them. We all know now that Carols is not refunding the money owed these people.

comments started to filter in and wondering minds not happy about the entire malone ordeal in Tombstone. replies as this starting to filter in from everywhere

  • Lisa Shackelford This constitutes fraud, according to the attorney I talked to.
  • Evan Jensen exactly and if folks will allow me to ill represent ntheir interest as far as getting something done with lidsa and others coming forward, they have a right to get there money and ill do everything i can to help them.
    8 mins · Like · 1
  • Chris Baricko What event & who this time
  • Evan Jensen carol malone aka london knight AKA darkside entertainment
  • Chris Baricko What event & what did she pull this time not that I am shocked
Evan Jensen she been selling tickets like crazy then apparently has not booked the events to much to list, some places paid some fees others not what a mess, then she says to ticket holders hey please buy your own hotels and i’ll pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today lol.
any questions as to the support I was given from folks i helped from being scammed, your welcome to message them one such was the recent victim from Christina George and her stolen haunted artifacts”

Rory Clark wrote on your Timeline.
I just want to Thank Evan Jensen for all the help and support he has given me and my family iin getting our stolen property back…He has
not only helped us out, but with his huge following many people are stepping forward with new information to help the authorities to retrieve my stolen property and even maybe help beyond that. Evan your honesty and clear desire to “make right” the wrong done by people defrauding the public and harming innocent people is commendable. You have put yourself out there to be attacked for standing up and defending me and my family as well as others. I hope others will realize your serving the public revealing frauds so others WON”T have to suffer the loss and damages we have. Thanks Evan…and to the public I want to say, Evan Jensen is credible, honest and simply there to serve others. Not to rip them off as some are.

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Evan Jensen

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