website says it will tell you, if someone died in your home.

Died in your

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yes and actual website that claims it will tell you if someone has died in your home? of course there does come a price for that. If you felt your witnessing the super natural or what could be thought of as paranormal phenomena for a price of 11.99, they the website will let you know if the departed is roaming the halls of your home.

I would sort of wonder if the website is similar to car fax or other agencies that assist  in buying cars, if there was or is such a agency that will match death records to individual addresses, this provides what might be and interesting service?

Have you ever wondered if your house was haunted?

There’s a website for that. uses a variety of sources to tell users whether anyone has died in their house, and it’s been inundated with thousands of requests since it launched in June.

CEO Roy Condrey created the site after a tenant renting his property in Columbia, South Carolina, informed him the place was inhabited by ghosts.

The Houston Chronicle has the story:

Some realtors shun what Condrey does, he says, mainly because he costs them money on what they call “stigmatized properties,” but he says he’s just providing a needed, legitimate service to the public. He’s begun to notice some realtors coming around to the site and even running searches on their own, which means tides are turning.

There was the story of Janet Milliken who moved from California to Pennsylvania in 2007 with her two children, after her husband had died. She bought a house for $610,000, which she later found out had been the site of a murder-suicide a year and a half earlier.

Milliken sued for fraud and misrepresentation, claiming the owners and real estate agents duped her. The judge ruled against her, saying Pennsylvania state law does not require agents to disclose such events to buyers. She’s since appealed to the state Supreme Court.

“Some people don’t have a problem with knowing someone died in their home,” says Condrey. “But when you remind them that this knowledge could affect their home values, they change their tune.

The Janet  Miliken story is written by this link.

Rayne said that Milliken, 59, was “disturbed” when she learned of her home’s history from a neighbor. “As she was struggling what and if to tell the kids,” he said, her children’s friends visited the home for Halloween and told the children about the murder-suicide. “They were very upset upon learning about it and disturbed about the whole situation,” Rayne said.

“They were dealing with the death of a father and husband, and wanted to move closer to family, and then this happened to them,” he said. “It was a tragedy all around.” Rayne said that Milliken and her children are still living in the home. He said they would prefer to move out of the home but can’t afford to do so without selling it.


Personally I do feel that if I were to buy another home, it be important to know the homes completed history, not just year built, but who lived there prior, what happens in a home can stay inside that home . if we follow the theory that once human spirits meet  some untimely death and they  do not realize they may be dead, they may want to dwell in the place most known to them, perhaps they may have some unfinished business at any rate it would be nice to know if there are any ghostly friends hanging in your dwelling.

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Evan Jensen

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