The PRS Bureau – Beta 3.0, he thinks he is back.

Guess who just joined The New  PRS Bureau (Next Generation)!!!! Ryan D. Buell … Welcome Home Chief! smile emoticon ‪#‎heeesbaaaack‬


yah welcome home to the biggest dirt bag of any paranormal person I have ever known. I remember a story from a woman that had booked a ticket and hotel reservation for the Canada tour, the story was hard to hear, made me saddened and sick to hear it, but when I did I realised there was and actual devil his name was Ryan Daniel Buell. “A woman I will not name in fear that Ryans new posse members even though few now might attack or hurrass them, she came to me and stated that she had a ticket flying to Canada her and her son, had paid for the airplane ticket and for the hotel, when they got their inside the door of the place was a letter telling folks there is not and event that it was never booked. The hardest part was that the family was on a serious low budget as the boys care was very expensive, and the money they SPENT on Ryan Buell could have went to the actual burial of the boy. yes the boy died two weeks later. In this message it tells me since M.R Buell never tried to refund the woman, never responded it makes him a sincere dirt bag period.

The PRS Bureau – Beta 3.0

And now to slap all the folks in the face. One more time comes P.R.S 3.0

From P.R.S. themselves.

Quote:  “We have worked really hard as a team under the banner of “what can be” versus “what should have been”. We have a long journey ahead of us and some simply just don’t believe our intent and/or they are just upset with repeatedly broken promises from things that were out of our control.


How I(Evan Jensen) feel about that! What a piece of work I supposed that the people who got cheated booked the events from Buell, made the venues and organized the events and so forth and also collected there own money? Let us say that Ryan was sick really ill, Why did they book events then they knew they could not attend> why didn’t someone else step up and help Ryan, but wait they did he had folks collecting the peoples money, that was around the entire time Ryan was seen on vacations and at the lake  cabin.


The link above was pulled from a picture of the new P.R.S. How the hell can society allow a one time popular man back into the social media after scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars from his fans, friends and unsuspected victims? Ryan buells own friend and former business partner  well known psychic Chip Coffee, answered our blog and went live on channel 11 news in Ryans home town in Raleigh  North Carolina. Chip stated that Ryan had taken a six figure salary from the events he had booked and scheduled for the Canadian tours but didn’t show for them but did collect the money.

There was one mane thing that Ryan blamed on not getting the folks back their money one he said Pay Pal was at fault, we knew this was not true, two Ryan said he was getting folks refunded, we didn’t see refunds so we knew that was a lie.Number three topping the charts he told the world how sick he was and that he was dieing from pancreatic cancer the survival rate of that is really low, so we knew that was a lie. I team tracker story on national news.

I saw this on Ryans Buellshit page”

The PRS Bureau feeling optimistic

We have worked really hard as a team under the banner of “what can be” versus “what should have been”. We have a long journey ahead of us and some simply just don’t believe our intent and/or they are just upset with repeatedly broken promises from things that were out of our control.

What we do have now is a fresh start. What we do have now is a new community of people who want to do things to help others and to explore all things paranormal.

Those who need our help I call “The Innocents”. For The Innocents I hatched an idea called “Operation Good Karma”. Through the nursing of Ryan D. Buell, Sergey Poberezhny and a handful of fellow Bureaucrats my hatched idea has turned into a plan and that plan is now in motion. (we have not left the station yet, but we have motion).

In addition to Operation Good Karma one of the ideas I had always imagined for The PRS Bureau was for us to do charity work. We have a rather large footprint and so I felt if we joined a group of volunteers who promote the common good and had actions that matched their promises it would be awesome. That group is The Harry Potter Alliance. For over a year I’ve both studied and forged a relationship with them.

Today I’m proud to announce that The PRS Bureau is now an official Chapter of The Harry Potter Alliance! smile emoticon Operation Good Karma now has a mission outside of helping Bureaucrats as well now. The Innocents umbrella just got a little larger for us. smile emoticon

To kick things off we’d like to ask you join us and contribute to their Accio Books campaign. It’s free! AND it’s for a great, great cause! – Potter ‪#‎onelove‬


You see they think they are back, operation good karma? they want some great karma why not pay back the money he swindled from folks and start redoing the issues they all caused?, because if he thinks he  can do it again this time it is not going to work as folks have learned what to do socially, publicly and law wise.

Former complaints Against Buell:


yessss the walls are crumbling down FINALLY and more people are realizing the truth. I’m owed OVER $1000 for FT15 and 3 webinars including one that has NEVER been completed. Would Be more than happy to give my statement too.


I know this has been going on at LEAST since 2012 it’s not just the recent cancellations…it’s other events and webinars etc.


I’m also a victim and out almost $300. These people threatened and bullied ticket buyers via email… Basically telling us NOT to contact them and demand a refund… This was before their lame attempt at communicating to fully cancel the event.


I live in Maine and in January I purchased a Gold VIP ticket for $205.99 for a PRS event that was supposed to be held 5/6/2014. That tour was cancelled and then rescheduled. Then the second tour was cancelled altogether. I’ve been promised over and over again that I will receive a refund. First I was told that a refund check would be sent to me within 30 to 60 days after I requested a refund. That never happened. Then I was told that PayPal had to refund me because PRS supposedly never got any money for the event tickets from PayPal. I keep getting the run around. The only “Gold” thing that I got was a Golden Lie and now I’m out $205.99. Thanks for scamming me and hundreds of others PRS! You’ve earned an A+ for customer dissatisfaction!! this was a link where Ryan Buell came to speak at  the college and discuss his thoughts on being a Catholic and being a bisexual guy?

His presentation will be entitled, “Faith, Spirituality, God and Sexuality: Coming Out While Starring in a TV Show,” and will discuss his feelings about coming out as a bisexual man and the struggle he had trying to balance his feelings with his Catholic faith. His 2010 memoir, Paranormal State: My Journey Into the Unknown also goes more in-depth with his feeling

What people I didn’t know Buell did a show in 2013 I don’t think he did, hell his events didn’t even work right? Buell was pretty much MIA for most of the events he planned for one reason or the another.

There will be much more to share soon were just letting folks know whom to watch out for and who to shy away from unless they want to lose their money. This is  based on prior reports and actual incidents we base our findings on a one time has been and now total scum bag period.

Ryan Buell needs to be in jail where he belongs, apparently the devil has left Noirth Carolina and now resides in Penselvania.

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Evan Jensen

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