Ghost Sex,The After Life, Ohio Haunted House.

and then there is always ghost sex

and then there is always ghost sex

There comes a time when we must challenge some things made by celebrities. I have seen several famous television stars speak about having sex with ghosts. One such was a woman a British actor named “Natasha Blasick” she claimed ghost sex was pleasurable. I was wondering how it could  come to be since ghostly energy is normally associated with cold energy.

Young Hollywood-ite Natasha Blasick believes that she has had sex with a ghost, not just once, but twice. She also believes she’s experienced several other supernatural experiences though out her lifetime.

I was actively looking for answers to some of these Hollywood celebs claims, firstly allow me to explain that there is a fetish and yes it is labled as a fetish called “Spectrophilia” Spectrophilia is described in the Wikipedia as”  a fetish that is classified as the paraphilia in which one is attracted to ghosts or spirits. Spectrophiliacs fantasize about ghosts and often imagine scenarios involving sexual events between themselves or others and spirits. I would then begin to question some of these celebs  claims to have had ghost sex.

Another celebrity that has claimed she to had ghost sex was none other then Kesha  At least that’s what the 25-year-old singer told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show, of her new song “Supernatural.” The singer added that her new album “Warrior” is based around the theme of the spiritual quest she embarked on to improve her music.

Kesha had ghost sex

Kesha had ghost sex

. In 1999, actress Lucy Liu had sex with a heavenly figure. Or so she claimed in an interview with US Weekly. She’s not shy about what happened

This could be a subset of what’s called an incubus encounter, an often scary meeting with a creature that sits on your chest and looks scary. Really it’s just something called sleep paralysis in which the paralysis effects of REM sleep intrude into a waking state, resulting in you not being able to move but are still awake


Anna Nicole Smith was an American model, actress, and television personality. Smith first gained popularity in Playboy, winning the 1993 Playmate of the Year. She modeled for clothing companies, including Guess. Apparently in her own statements Anna also had ghost sex and went on to further speak about her own encounters. Model Anna Nicole Smith admitted that she’s had sexual encounters of a ghostly kind: “A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas. ok Anna we understand lol.

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  1. emilee jensen · April 17, 2015

    Anna nicole Smith probably just lied to get more publicity. lol


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