Dollars for ghost services.

I have said this many many times now, charging clients for a unproved science is nothing more then pure fraud. the question has always been should someone charge for a service, such as clearing negative energy or if you will ghosts from someones  home, business a place where people generally dwell not ghosts?


One such paranormal research group is WSPR in Sydney Australia, reports have filtered in that this group ran by Craig Powell and wife Nicky Myers do just that ,charge there clients as much as 150.00 dollars to clear there haunted homes? truth told there is big money in dealing with the dearly departed and I have seen a big rise in ghost groups across the nation and now they are starting to filter in Australias “the land down under”

I have several questions concerning offering your services to clear ghosts for money, if the said ghosts come back do they the clients  have to pay again, what if said ghosts don’t go do they  the clients have to pay money for there services? perhaps a serious red flag is what the two, Craig Powel and Nik myers have had to say about ghosts they simply tell them to leave and that is that? what would happen if they saw a Demon, they going to simply tell that to leave as well?

One quote bothered me and I was like say what?”“ from (Craig)’I’ll visit their house and if it is haunted I’ll persuade (the ghosts) to leave. I’ll say ‘stop being a bloody nuisance’, but it’s all done mind to mind.”

Of course here it comes no surprise here  he is  psychic i am tired of all these people using psychic skills they do or may not have to influence and or con people if there so psychic can they give me a winning lottery ticket, because I myself happen to be  poor.

This is alarming and disturbing to hear about”

Mr Tilley was vague on the methods he uses to rid ghosts from houses, but charges a cool $150 to do so.

He does roughly three cleansings a month and even claims to have helped a Bellevue Hill resident who believed spirits were turning potential buyers away from his $4 million mansion.

“It turned out not to be haunted, but there’s no telling which homes will need cleansing. There’s no pattern to it,” Mr Tilley said. question here did they still charge for their services?

I was wondering statements made by till were”“The first thing we investigate is possible mental health issues, but most people calling us are normal,’’ he said.

“so does this mean that they only help folks that are normal, what if the folks are not normal and still have paranormal phenomena happening, what if said haunting is effecting the clients minds, can Craig and his wife define normal who is normal who is not? does he have some special degree that he can evaluate clients in such categories?

There is one thing I personally do not like not everyone can afford some charge for the super unknown aspects of their phenom and what if all these groups charged for their expertise? some folks have reported spending thousands to clear their homes of the evilness that may not have been there in the first place. I have seen so many scams from psychics swindling their clients to ghost researchers swindling their clients, it makes me saddened to see this, but unless folks spread awareness they will get by with it for sure.

I know one thing for sure, when meeting your ghost hunters in person before hand do your research do a back ground check, Google their names, spend time  finding out just whom they are before allowing them into your homes and places of work.

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Evan Jensen


  1. MVS · April 24, 2015

    Do you get a refund if they perform a cleaning, and it’s not haunted?


    • BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY · April 24, 2015

      MVS that is a great question i bet the refund is not part of there service I think you have to use a credit card as well and once they provide there service your hooked


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